The pricing for a typical single family home varies from each inspection company just as other professional services do. Similarly, the inspection fee will vary depending on the size of the house, particular features, age, and special structures, etc. However the pricing of the inspection should not be the deciding factor when considering whether or not to have a home inspection, or choosing which inspection company to use. Pick an inspector that understands your concerns and has a helping attitude, good communication skills and mature judgment, as these are all contributing factors when making a decision to hire a home inspection company.

Our fees for an inspection are based on the square footage of the home. Our visual inspections provide you with a complete building analysis report and estimated cost of repairs (upon request).

The electronically generated report shall be emailed to all interested parties at the time of inspection, or shortly thereafter dependent upon the size, and amenities of the property.

As we are a full-service inspection company , Accurate Home Inspections offers a follow-up inspection (reinspect). For a reasonable fee of $125.00 in most cases.

Upon your request, we will return, and assess the level and quality of completion of required repairs.

Our Prices

All of our prices include labour and materials but exclude VAT.

0 to 1200 sq. ft. $255.00
1201 to 1500 sq. ft. $265.00
1501 to 1800 sq. ft. $275.00
1801 to 2100 sq. ft. $295.00
2101 to 2400 sq. ft. $300.00
2401 to 2700 sq. ft. $315.00
2701 sq. ft. to 3000 sq. ft. $325.00
3001 sq. ft. to 3300 sq. ft. $385.00
3301 sq. ft. to 3600 sq. ft. $405.00
3601 sq. ft. to 3900 sq. ft. $425.00
3901 sq. ft. to 4200 sq. ft. $445.00
4201 sq. ft. to 4500 sq. ft. $465.00
4501 sq. ft. to 4800 sq. ft. $485.00
4801 sq. ft. to 5100 sq. ft. $505.00

Over 5100 sq. ft and above please call for Quote We participate in competitive pricing call for details Military & Senior Discounts Available


Roof, Structure, Exterior, Foundation, Drainage, Windows Attic, Insulation, Electrical, Plumbing, Heat & Air conditioning Garage Area, Water Heater, Fireplace, Appliances New homes/punch out lists

Other Services Available

Duct work Camera W/Photos $250.00 per system
Sewer scope Camera W/Photos $250.00 per system
Mold Evaluation & Testing Begin at $250.00
Septic/Aerobic Inspections $125.00
Water well evaluation $175.00
Water bacteria (quality) test $125.00
Bundle Water/Well/Septic** BEST DEAL **$250.00 Saves $125.00
Duct cleaning and sealing available call for quote

Oklahoma State Licensed and Insured Certified Member Oklahoma Residential & Commercial Inspection Association Accredited Better Business Bureau Member.